Spandex Sport

Are you into wearing spandex? Spandex sport designs are some of the hottest new styles in men's swimwear, workout wear and even club wear. Spandex sport has been hot for the ladies many years now but is just starting to catch fire for men. Men's swimwear is leading the way with some amazing spandex sport styles. Hot bikinis including micro bikinis, string bikinis, bulge style bikinis and those awesome Brazilian bikinis. Thong swimwear style for men are also near the front of the pack with many shapes and designs being introduced to men who are now wiling to show more skin than ever. Watch out ladies there are going to be lot's of men this season at the hippest beaches wearing swimsuits as small or smaller than yours! The hottest trend for men is in the micro shorts department. These hot new designs also known as short shorts and men'[s daisy dukes are fantastic. Created as workout wear and sport spandex wear they have crossed over to be some of the most popular new men's swimwear styles too. I think it is perfect if you can go workout at the gym wearing these sexy new micro shorts and go right to the beach afterwards and hit the waves surfing or tanning. I prefer to wear the smaller thongs on the beach but I use the micro shorts to workout in and as a cover up walking to the beach. These hot short show a hint of cheek which I can tell you from experience gets you attention.  If you are a regular at the gym you probably have noticed more men following the trend of wearing spandex tights and shorts during their workout. We really are following the trend that the girls have set in place. I would say almost 90% of the women now wear spandex tights or shorts and men are coming on board with the trend. Every day I am seeing more men wearing hot spandex tights and tiny little second skin style workout shorts. It's about time!

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